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After serving five years in prison, 03 Greedo is making a grand return to the rap game. Today (March 17), the LA rapper shared a new song called “Bacc Like I Never Left” to commemorate his release.

“Now I’m back like I never left,” he raps on the song’s chorus. He continues with melodic rap vocals, saying, I got stripes like a f*cking ref, my hood I’ma rep / Throwing racks, running up a check.”

In the song’s accompanying video, Greedo is seen celebrating with his team and cutting new music in the studio.

Greedo was sentenced to 20 years in prison back in July of 2018 on drug trafficking charges and for possesion of a firearm. While in prison, Greedo managed to release a consistent flow of music. He was released this past January on parole, and must complete six months in a halfway house.

Though he was locked up for five years, Greedo never lost his momentum. Upon his release, he immediately got back into the studio, ready to remind everyone who’s running the West Coast.

In February, he took to Instagram to reveal that he recorded a hefty amount of new songs.

“50 songs in my first 5 nights in the studio after 5 years in prison…and they all bang,” he said. “You peoples ain’t got no excuse.”

You can listen to “Bacc Like I Never Left” above.

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