21 Savage Confronts Wack 100 for Calling Him a Snitch

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21 Savage confronted Wack 100 for calling him a snitch the other night at Clubhouse.

In the early hours of the weekend (Oct. 1.), 21 Savage confronted the rapper Wack on Clubhouse following the rapper’s claim that he accused him of being a snitch in an earlier Clubhouse meeting. In a clip uploaded to Neighborhood Talk on the internet, 21, claimed that the claim that he was an informant. He also was told by Wack to refrain from discussing issues regarding him, which he knew absolutely nothing about.

“There’s a lot of shit going on, right, and I don’t speak on,” he stated. “Like I have you seen you go through real life shit on the internet or whatever, right? And I don’t speak on it. I don’t make fun of it, I don’t speculate about it. Just give me the same respect, gang.”

“What chu mean?” was the question of Wack.

“You calling me a snitch, man,” 21 replied. “Bro, you on the internet saying you think I’m an informant. Come on man.”

“Bruh, I ain’t made up nothing about you, that’s messed up,” the man said.

In a prior Clubhouse chat, Wack 100 accused 21 Savage of being an informant in the YSL racketeering investigation in Atlanta. The Game’s manager believes that because 21’s immigration case is in limbo and he’s not deported, that indicates that he’s helping Fani the T. Willis whom is District Attorney of Fulton County, Ga. and is involved in Fulton County, Georgia in the YSL Rico case. Check out this video.

21 Savage says he is not cooperating with Fulton County DA. In regards to his immigration case the rapper stated that there’s an open gun case which he must deal with prior to dealing with the immigration issues.

The Wack 100 don’t believe in him.

In the final analysis In the end, 21 Savage is puzzled about what is the reason Wack 100 is worried about him and about his status as an immigrant. “Man, you trying to use me for content,” 21 Savage said as he left the Clubhouse chatroom.

21 Savage’s first beef against Wack 100 began in August 2021, and it appears that the situation has not subsided.

Listen to 21 Savage Confront Wack 100 on Clubhouse Below

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