21 Savage Expands Into Fashion World With RtA Capsule Collection

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21 Savage is making waves in the fashion world thanks to his latest collaborative. He is the Savage Mode rapper has joined forces with RtA (Road to Awe) to create an RtA x Savage range that was inspired by his forthcoming album.

The capsule is available on the RTA along with Saks Fifth Avenue websites as and in-store locations. The prices for the clothes range between $225 and $455.

The collection includes a variety of premium t-shirts, jeans button-downs and jeans that are a play on the concept of duality “Friend vs Enemy.”

“I’ve always been interested in the fashion industry on a high-end level. It’s hot,” 21 told Complex. “This time I had the opportunity to work with RtA to co-design denim and specific accents that reflect my style.

“We were able to tap into my music using phrases and dagger symbols–almost like dropping album merch , but in a more elevated setting. Artistically, I am awed by the fashion industry. I’m into collaborating on a mutual vision.”

21 held a launch event of the line on the 6th of October (October 6,) in Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks Fifth Avenue location in Atlanta.

RtA Chief Executive Officer David Rimokh is a fan of 21 Savage and explained that 21 Savage’s collection is far above the average in the market for the typical merchandise sold by tour companies.

“With our aesthetic and expertise, we were able to facilitate his vision of elevating his footing in the fashion world,” the rapper said. “Savage’s upcoming album plays on the duality of friend and enemy.”

“As as a brand, we’re focused on duality and contrast. “Accepting the past as part of my present. This quote from Savage fits with our brand’s ethos in that we use the learnings from our past experiences to help us continue our path.”

The brand’s connection by stating: “This further accentuates our goal of making progress and improving our own self. We are excited to launch our first capsule in partnership.”

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