50 Cent Comments on Video of JAY-Z Warning the Roc About His Arrival: ‘Jay Know I Will Always Find a Way’

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A few days ago, a clip from Young Guru detailing 50 Cent’s appearance and Roc-aFella’s reaction swept the internet.

Young Guru was a guest on Matt Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast. Young Guru mentioned Hov’s warning, which was issued during sessions of The Blueprint 2.

“There’s a point where Jay walks in the studio, and it just so happened that everybody was in the studio,” Guru explained. “I believe the team was working on “The Blueprint 2″ and Jay entered the studio. He had stated it previously, but I’m here to tell you how powerful it was. He entered the studio, and he was like , ‘Yo, this dude is 50, we’ll need to confront this guy in the coming months. He said this to all the team.”


Guru explained, “It was a warning, it’s another power coming.”

50 Cent watched the clip and explained that he was in love with the Roc and that he needed someone to challenge him.

“I love you n***as too I just need somebody to compete with,” 50 wrote 50. “It makes me find a way, Jay know I will always find a way.”

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