The tradition of fans throwing bras on stage at concerts dates back to the mid-1800s when Hungarian composer Franz Liszt experienced a fan frenzy known as Lisztomania, which often resulted in underwear being thrown on stage. This tradition continues today with artists like Drake regularly having bras thrown on stage during his It’s All A Blur Tour. Recently, rapper 50 Cent jokingly expressed his envy of this attention in a new video.

In the humorous backstage video shared by 50 Cent, he laments to those around him about the difference in treatment between him and Drake. He says, “They don’t treat Drake like this. Drake, they throw him bras. What do I get? Aye, could you please go get me some Drake fans? Sh*t just doesn’t feel right. I need to feel special around here. I need them to treat me like I’m Drake. Drake gets bras every night! Bras every night! I used to get bras in the beginning of my career.”

He even suggests coordinating a production that would result in him receiving bras every night like Drake. The clip is from The Final Lap Tour.