There has been a recent trend of fans throwing objects at artists during concerts. However, it seems that the tables have turned, with artists now retaliating. A few months ago, Cardi B made headlines when she threw her microphone at a fan who had splashed her with a drink. Now, rapper 50 Cent has followed suit, throwing his microphone in frustration during a concert in Los Angeles and accidentally hitting a woman in the face.

As reported by TMZ, which also has footage of the incident, 50 Cent was handed several faulty microphones during his performance, leading to his outburst. He was not aiming at the woman he hit, but she ended up with a significant cut on her forehead.

TMZ’s sources claim that the woman, Bryhana Monegain, a midday host on Power 106 radio, was not supposed to be in the restricted area where the incident occurred. She ended up in an infirmary, as shown in photos that appeared on Instagram.

The previous incident involving Cardi B had a somewhat positive outcome, as the owner of the thrown microphone sold it for a large amount and claimed to have donated the proceeds to charity. However, it is unclear if this latest incident will have a similar resolution. It is hoped that this trend of artists throwing objects at concerts will end with 50 Cent. If fans are expected not to throw objects on stage, then artists should also refrain from throwing their microphones.