50 Cent, the renowned rapper, has been making a name for himself in the television industry with hit shows like Power, For Life, and Black Mafia Family. Though he is still involved in music, his focus seems to have shifted more towards television.

His most successful television project to date is arguably the Power franchise. However, in a conversation with Brian J. Roberts, 50 Cent confessed that the success of Power initially made him apprehensive, as he was unsure if he could replicate this level of success with other projects.

50 Cent stated, “Producing a hit is not enough for me. When I got one, I’m eager to get the next one. While Power’s working by itself, I go do The Oath on Sony Crackle, just to have something else.”

The Oath ran for two seasons, but other projects by 50 Cent, such as Black Mafia Family, have demonstrated more longevity. His fear of being a one-hit wonder in comparison to Power has fueled his motivation to produce more television content over the years.

He explained, “It’s just ’cause I needed something else there — if not, you’re a one-hit wonder. I’m scared of that.”

This coming September, 50 Cent will join the cast of Expend4bles as a new character named Easy Day.

Source: uproxx.com