50 Cent Saluted Brian Robinson, Who Used ‘Many Men’ For His NFL Debut After He Recovered From Gunshot Wounds

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Brian Robinson has been one of the more uplifting stories that started the current NFL season. The rookie running back of the Washington Commanders was wounded two times in his leg in a robbery attempt and then yesterday — only six weeks following the shooting — he took back to the playing field for the very first time during the Commanders match in the match against Tennessee Titans. Tennessee Titans. However, it’s the viral moment of Robinson getting through the tunnel in FedEx Field in the middle of fifty cent’s “Many Men” that truly brought home the emotions of Robinson’s journey back on an NFL field, and the determination that he displayed throughout the process.

50 Cent’s lyrics paint vividly of the struggles Robinson is going through. He sings in the track: “Many men, wish the death of me. The blood in my eyes dawg and I’m unable to see that I’m trying to be the person I’m supposed to be. I’m ****** looking to remove my life.” It seems that 50 Cent evidently got the viral video of Robinson and called out Robinson, who was a Former Alabama quarterback. In the caption on Instagram, 50 said “That sh*t won’t stop nothing and whenever God will have bigger goals for us, it’s only a bump in the road. @b.robinson_4 is back in the action.” The post included an image collage with Robinson with himself with another slide from his viral clip of Robinson appearing on “Many men.”

Robinson was the top player for the Commanders, with nine carries. However, the team was defeated 21-17. Whatever happens the outcome, Robinson’s Brian Robinson era has begun in Washington D.C.

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