6ix9ine Appears to Beat Up DJ in Dubai for Not Playing His Music

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6ix9ine seems to have fought an DJ in Dubai because he was not playing his music , and it was captured on camera.

The day before (Sept. 23), Instagram page @rapsszn posted an image showing 6ix9ine throwing the bolo’s of a DJ from Dubai who would not play the rapper’s songs because the rapper was an “snitch.” In the video the rapper is seen punching some one, possibly the DJ, while others attempt to bring both men off. In one moment within the footage, you can see an individual who appears to be sneaking in behind sixix9ine and quickly grabbing an item off his neck.

In another video where the DJ of the club is on the mic and declares that he’s not planning to perform sixix9ine‘s music since “I don’t play snitches.”

“I said, ‘No.’ Where I’m from and the way I was raised, I don’t do that shit,” said the actor. “I lost too many people…to people like that.”

After the video was shared on online, reports began circulated suggesting that 6ix9ine was snatched of his chains also during the altercation. It was later revealed that the “Gummo” rapper has since denied it in the comments of a blog article about the altercation.

“Stop lying and spreading fake news!!! The DJ was talking shit on the mic and got handled. Stop fake news,” He wrote.

6ix9ine claims that his chain was taken during a fight with DJs during a fight in Dubai.



6ix9ine will later appear on the Instagram Stories and post a video of him showing his expensive jewelry as evidence that nobody stole his necklaces off in the altercation with the DJ at the club. Watch below.

6ix9ine is always caught involved in debate.

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