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6ix9ine gets a can of beer thrown at him during a baseball game after arguing with some fans.

On Friday (March 17), baseball reporter Aram Leighton shared on his Twitter page a video of 6ix9ine at the World Baseball Classic quarterfinals match-up between Mexico and Puerto Rico at LoanDepot Park in Miami, Fla. In the clip, the controversial informant, born Daniel Hernandez, is waving the Mexico flag at people behind him who are booing at him.

It’s not long before what appears to be a tallboy size beer can flies right by him. A man wearing a red shirt can be seen on the bottom right corner of the video throwing the beer can. If 6ix9ine moved a couple of inches to the left, the can would have popped him on his noggin.

According to Leighton, Puerto Rico fans weren’t feeling the Brooklyn rapper, taunting them with the Mexican flag at the game.

“6ix9ine is in the building and waving a Mexico flag. A Puerto Rico fan wasn’t having it and threw a beer can right by his head,” he tweeted.

What you also don’t see in the video is 6ix9ine reportedly being relocated to another area to avoid any more confrontation with fans.

Despite 6ix9ine‘s disruption, Mexico defeated Puerto Rico 5-4 to reach the semifinals for the first time ever.

Watch 6ix9ine Get a Can of Beer Throw at Him

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