Bad Bunny fans who were at the Orange County Fair recently were in for a surprise when they thought they spotted the musician… only it wasn’t him. In a video that was posted by ABC 7 Los Angeles, the lookalike is seen surrounded by pretend security guards in black t-shirts — proving he is willing to commit to the bit.

Onlookers were wondering and filming in case it actually was Benito. He also shared a similar nose ring and dark sunglasses, with a bucket hat at various parts of the night.

According to Remezcla, the man has since been identified as Alexis Ventura, a TikTok user who captioned a video “Experiento social” with added bunny emojis. He also was spotted in Santa Monica and other California hot spots. In his added angle to the scene at the fair, it shows more of a frenzy as a crowd of girls with phones forms.

At the end, someone asked a security guard at the fair if that was really him, to which he just shakes his head.

As the videos have gone viral, fans on social media are also dying over the chaos of it all. “I ain’t gonna lie with all the excitement being there I would’ve thought he was Bad Bunny,” one user commented.

Meanwhile, other hardcore fans are shocked that anyone actually fell for the lookalike, but you can be the judge.

Check out the (fake) Bad Bunny attending the fair above.