After hearing about how some artists allegedly treat their crew, it’s refreshing to hear stories of generosity and kindness. Beyoncé, who is currently on her Renaissance World Tour, is always said to be gracious to her team. Though she doesn’t do a whole lot of interviews, many of the people she works with often speak fondly of her, noting how well she treats her collaborators.

Yesterday (August 1), Oprah Winfrey and her longtime friend Gayle King took to social media to express the joy they felt after Beyoncé’s concert. The two lauded Beyoncé for her confidence and how powerful she made them feel.

Hannah Beachler, an Academy Award-winning production designer who has previously worked with Beyoncé, shared Oprah and Gayle’s video on her Twitter feed, while also sharing her experience of working with Bey herself.

“Working with Beyoncé over the years, I have said this each and every time,” said Beachler. “It’s not just on stage. She is tentacles of light, and those tentacles wrap you in power, love, and confidence. She is kind and protective and she’s a girls girl. This is her presence daily.”

She continued, noting that while Bey works very hard on her craft, she also prioritizes her family.

“She is a true Mama to her babies too,” said Beachler. “And she works, not to perfection but until it’s right. She is in love with her husband and he’s (a comedian and kind) in love with her. But be clear don’t cross her.”

Beachler closed out her thread with a story about how Bey went out of her way to make her crew feel special after a disappointing loss.

“One last little story. When I started on Black is King & went to the L.A. offices. There was a bunch of little plastic Emmy Awards w/handwritten names on them,” she said. “They told me b/c they didn’t win for Homecoming, B stayed up after & made everyone their own special one w/ a note.”

It’s good to know Beyoncé is a class act behind the scenes. It would surely break our souls if she weren’t.