A Drake fan had a viral moment at a recent concert: After throwing her bra at the rapper, he picked it up and noticed how large it was, so he looked for the tag and said when he found it, “36G?! Locate this woman immediately.” Now, the attention has apparently led to her and Playboy potentially cooking something up.

In an interview with TMZ, the woman, 21-year-old Veronica Correia, said about being in contact with Playboy, “Playboy had actually reached out to me on my Instagram DM’s and said, ‘If you want to apply, we’ll accept you right away.’ So I did, applied and they did accept me, and they want to speak with me very soon, so maybe later today after this call, I will speak with them as well.”

She also noted she’s heard a lot of interest in her starting an OnlyFans account, saying, “I do not have an OnlyFans currently. I don’t really have an intention to. I mean, I know a lot of people have been messaging me, saying, ‘Oh,’ you know, ‘Start it now, it would blow up, you would do so great,’ you know, ‘Everyone would want to see an OnlyFans.’ So I don’t really have that in mind.”

Source: uproxx.com