A Fan Of Pusha T Says He Lost His Prosthetic Leg At His Show: ‘Still Had Fun Tho’

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The night before (September 29), Pusha T performed at The Pageant in St. Louis. In this performance of The rapper’s It’s almost dry tour fans may have pushed a bit too far. Following the concert the Twitter user @endeylive has stated that the prosthetic leg he was wearing fell off in the course of the concert.

“i lost my prosthetic leg at your stl show,” he told me. “still had fun tho.”

Push immediately responded by declaring, “We gotta find that man…if you were at the STL show and know where my guy’s prosthetic leg is…pls hand it over.”

We haven’t heard any news regarding the prosthetic leg since the last show the Twitter user who is believed to be Mitchell seems to be keeping an underlying sense of humor regarding the situation.

“How son get home with no leg,” was the question asked by one user on Twitter.

“i hopped,” he responded.

Push is currently performing the second part of the It’s Nearly Dry tour. While on touring, Push said in an interview with Complex that one of the most satisfying aspects of touring was watching people really get into every track, including albums that weren’t issued as singles.

“Watching how the public reacts on “Brambleton” [from It’s Almost Dry has been surreal,” Push stated. “It’s an extremely personal song that people have really tuned into and focused on that song. I’m sure there’s not a Brambleton Avenue in every city around the world and yet they appear to think there’s”

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