Apparently, Drake’s new(-ish) track “Search & Rescue” was originally supposed to have a Lil Durk verse on it. As happens so often with Drake getting guest verses from younger rappers (and beneficiaries of his co-sign), Durk’s verse was scrapped for one reason or another but recently surfaced online.

Fans were tickled by the verse, which seemingly featured a kinky admission on Durk’s part; however, the rapper has since logged on to clarify the line in question before the rumors get too out-of-hand. In the verse, he raps the line: I’m worse than Kevin Gates, I’m me / India know I’m down to drink P.” While the Kevin Gates and India references are obvious (Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates is as well known for his outrageous claims in interviews as he is for his music, while India refers to Durk’s longtime girlfriend and social media personality India Royale), the “drink P” bit perked up fans’ ears, as it sounds a lot like he’s admitted to indulging in, well, let’s just say “watersports.”

However, he insisted that this isn’t the case in a comment on Akademiks’ post about the lyrics. “Down to drink p—— op (pop),” he clarified. “As in soda mix it with the lean … Just sometimes.”

For what it’s worth, this one is pretty much on Durk. Rappers are known for making up new slang all the time (“Pushin P” was a year ago now, talking about something else entirely), but it’s on them to make sure the context makes it easy for fans to figure out. Plus, hip-hop gossip channels have been abuzz with stories about stars’ urine-based proclivities, including the aforementioned Kevin Gates, who last year told Bootleg Kev he’d drink Beyoncé’s pee. Fans will probably forget all about this, though, when Durk drops the promised deluxe edition of Almost Healed