A Nicki Minaj Course Will Be Taught At University Of California Berkeley

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Nicki Minaj will soon become the focus of academic research at the college and university levels.

The University of California Berkeley recently announced it would offer an introductory course called Nicki Minaj: Black Barbie Femmecee & Hip Hop Feminisms. It will examine “her impact in the context of broader historical-social structures & Hip-Hop feminisms.”

The course is scheduled to start in the next semester, the class will include 90-minute lectures on Thursdays and Tuesdays that will focus on Nicki Minaj’s life and work, according to the school’s academic guide .

on Twitter. Nicki Minaj responded to an issue regarding the course, saying “I’d love to stop by.”

Dr. Peace and Love El Henson who organized the course she acknowledged”Barbz” as “Barbz” and expressed her joy at teaching the class.

“Barbz Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for my class! I can’t even express my gratitude and appreciation for all your help,” the tweet said. “I am so grateful and I’m excited to share more details when they’re finished !”

The UC Berkeley course UC Berkeley is only one of the recent accolades received by Nicki Minaj has been awarded. The month before, her massive hit “Super Freaky Girl” became the most popular solo female track to garner the number of streams to reach 100 million on Spotify. Additionally, the track was ranked number one among the Billboard Hot 100.

taking to Twitter to praise her amazing achievement, Nicki Minaj noted the difference between creating viral hits and creating irresistible classics.

“If there’s a SINGER thinking about whether you should remain true to R&B Let the records prove that going viral and creating lasting classics are two distinct things. Only one of them can stand over time and is revered by the legendary artists whom you look up to. #LoveInTheWay @YungBleu ,”> Nicki Minaj wrote .

In her incredible profession “Super Freaky Girl” is Nicki Minaj’s first No. 1 single to chart for her own solo work. It is also the first single for a solo female rapper since 1998 to be a top performer on the Billboard Hot 100.

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