Earlier this week, it was reported that Las Vegas Police had served a search warrant in nearby Henderson in connection with the 1997 murder of Tupac Shakur. Today, more information was revealed about the nature of the warrant — and its connection to the long-cold murder case. According to TMZ, the address on the warrant had connections to a man who claimed to have been an accessory to the shooting on the Las Vegas Strip.

The home that the police searched belongs to Paula Clemons, a woman married to a character in the 26-year-old drama named Keefe D. Keefe D claims to be the uncle of Orlando Anderson, a man many believe to have been the triggerman in the shooting. After he was jumped by Tupac and his crew at the MGM Grand, many observers believe Anderson plotted to get revenge in the drive-by shooting that killed Tupac later that night. While Anderson himself denied such claims, he was later killed in a shooting himself, making it impossible for him to corroborate or deny Anderson’s claims.

Clemons comes into the picture by virtue of previously owning a home in Compton, where LA Sheriffs recovered a gun in 1998 that might be connected to the murder. TMZ pulls a lot of yarn here, subtly suggesting that these events are connected — the home where the gun was recovered might be the home Clemons owned, and that gun might have been the one that did the dirty deed.

Well, Las Vegas Police clearly believed that the connection was strong enough to justify searching Clemons’ home in Henderson, searching for more evidence connecting to the murder. After 25 years, it seems unlikely, but hey, there have been a few cold cases over the years solved decades later.

Source: uproxx.com