A Stage Crasher Managed To Twirl An Unfazed Megan Thee Stallion Before Being Promptly Removed

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There was a bizarre incident that involved a fan during an earlier Megan Thee Stallion performance. Videos posted on social media depict the fan who smashed Megan’s stage during the performance, which eventually led to security personnel intervening and taking the fan off the stage. However, before they could do that the fan was able to walk towards Megan and grasped the hand of her, then raised it and began a spin the stage, something that Meg did not seem to mind.

As of now, Megan has not acknowledged the incident. The incident was spotted during the coverage of TwitchCon 2022. Megan was graciously welcoming a different guests, the Master Chief character from the Halo franchise, onto the stage.

Apart from that, Meg has been very busy — she’s scheduled to perform a string of international events prior to closing her 2022 calendar with a show in Los Angeles to appearing on Saturday Night Live in the coming week (October 15) and serving as the musical guest on the evening. It’s her second time on the show’s cult show in the year 2020, when she was a performer as well as Chris Rock hosted.

The Texas native urged all the “hotties” to tune into her performance, which she announced the show via a tweet earlier in the month. She wrote “OCT 15 THEE HOT GIRL COACH IS HOSTING AND PERFORMING ON SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE TUNE IN ALL HOTTIES.”

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