Drake’s ‘It’s All A Blur Tour’ is nearing its conclusion, entering the last third of the tour this month. Over the past two months, the tour has reportedly been highly profitable for the Toronto-born artist. The tour has been marked by recurring jokes such as Drake receiving a bra on stage almost every night, engaging in amusing and touching interactions with fans, and featuring guest stars like J. Cole and Travis Scott.

According to fan account WordOnRd, another ongoing tradition is Drake ending each show with a different song. This has resulted in a mix of fan favorites and songs he hasn’t performed in years, leading to a running joke that he often forgets the lyrics. Drake has taken this joke in stride, even poking fun at himself during his August 23 show in Los Angeles.

Some of the special closing songs so far include “Teenage Fever” from his 2017 mixtape ‘More Life’ performed in Philadelphia on August 1, and “Connect” from ‘Nothing Was The Same’ performed in Milwaukee on August 4. In Inglewood on August 12, he played “Come Thru” from ‘Nothing Was The Same’. Other closing songs have been shared by WordOnRd on Twitter.

Source: uproxx.com