Outkast won’t be reuniting anytime soon… at least that’s what collaborator Sleepy Brown told TMZ recently. The group’s album, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, is turning 20 years old this year — but there are no plans for any serious surprises.

“Nah, they not,” he said. “[André 3000] is on a whole nother journey and he’s, you know, doing something. But me and Big [Boi] are still doing tours and stuff like that.”

“Don’t hold your breath for no Outkast reunion,” he added. “Don’t do it to yourself. It’s not gon’ happen, folks. If you wanna see us, we gon’ be Dungeon Family. That’s about it.”

Later in the interview, Sleepy Brown was also asked about what his personal favorite Outkast album was.

“The thing about it [is], each album was a different journey. Outkast has taken people through country music with ‘Rosa Parks,’ they did rock with Stankonia, they did every genre you could ever think of in music, so it’s kinda hard to say which one is what.”

He continued, “But I’mma say Aquemini. For me, that album was the moment when Outkast really flourished as producers, too. So for me, that album is me watching them grow. That’s why it’s my favorite.”

Check out Sleepy Brown’s interview about Outkast here.

Source: uproxx.com