Antonio Brown Accused Of Stealing In Lil’ Wayne’s Name

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A Florida music promoter has claimed that the former NFL footballer Antonio Brown tricked him out of $500,000 saying that it was to Lil’ Wayne.

As per reports that the suit was filed on the 6th of October on the 6th of October in Sarasota County Circuit Court. The lawsuit declares that Brown made use of Weezy’s name in order to obtain a contract worth $100,000. The complaint also claims Brown violated the terms of an “exclusive artist agreement” between the two parties.

The report further mentions that Brown has sold the owner of the company, Ryan Kane, a fake luxury watch worth $160,000.

The lawsuits also claim it was Antonio Brown defrauded Secure the Bag Entertainment by stealing $175,000 in fraudulent expenses. It also alleges that he made sexually explicit comments of a sexual and racist nature to a number of STB executives, who were concerned by his remarks.

The costs include Brown spending $87,000 on renting the Los Angeles recording studio for five hours, and $8,500 for a flight in Brown’s entourage in a private aircraft.

The issues began because the firm refused to pay these costs.

Kane stated that he views Antonio Brown nothing but a “liar and a thief.” According to Kane, he offered Brown an advance of $150,000 to sign a contract with his company and believed he would make an advertisement video to advertise “Cracked,” a song that he co-wrote in collaboration with Lil Wayne.

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Kane states that he was advised that Little Wayne would like to get “$250,000 in cash” and that Brown would get the money in exchange Wayne. The dispute grew heated after Brown was allegedly threatening Kane with the words “the check better be good.”

in an interview HipHopDX, Antonio Brown shared his admiration for Lil Wayne and how he has inspired the professional baller who raps under the name AB.

“I remember bumping Lil Wayne’s Drought and Sqad Up mixtapes,” he told me. “That’s the moment that Lil Wayne was showing you the world that his talent was real. I experienced the same sensation walking off on the fields in Jan..”

The suit is just an latest incident in the long line of controversy-making events that have afflicted Antonio Brown since he famously was removed from the field during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win over the New York Jets in January of 2022. Since then, Brown has been accused of sexually assaulting and getting rough with a woman in the place in Dubai.

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