ASAP Rocky Doesn’t Find The Epic Rolling Loud Mosh Pit Meme Funny

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ASAP Rocky ASAP Rocky is now the newest internet sensation and he’s not a fan of his plethora of jokes. The Rolling Loud New York appearance — which said to be his last show prior to an album release new album, which is not named – was cut short because of an ordinance against noise at the festival.

“I am so hurt right now! This night was supposed be a turning point for my live shows, from old to the new!” Rocky said. “I will take full responsibility for the circumstances of what led to last night’s show being everything it was and everything it wasn’t.”

In the pits after failing to bring the vision of his show to life. Rocky has been the victim of numerous trolls following his leap into the crowd, and clearly regretting the decision a few minutes later.

The most famous troll is Rocky’s great ol’ buddy Tyler The Creator who put the photo on the cake of his cake for his birthday like he does frequently.

The night before, ASAP finally addressed his sad face and went on Instagram to post a comment on a post posted by and captioned “when she keep sucking.” Rocky said, “That sh*t not funny. The little bih was sucking life from my nutz.”

Maybe, once Rocky has acknowledged the seriousness that he was involved in his moshing pit incident and the Internet will let it go on Rocky. But, as we all know the internet is brutal and is likely to keep the jokes going.

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Uproxx ASAP Rocky Doesn’t Find The Epic Rolling Loud Mosh Pit Meme Funny Top HipHop

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