Last night (June 21), ASAP Rocky delivered a a Spotify Beach performance at the Cannes Lions Festival in Paris on Wednesday night. What he said on stage has fueled a major rumor, that he and Rihanna are secretly married.

ET reports that according to “an eyewitness,” during the rapper’s second set, he dedicated his performance of “DMB” (short for “Dat’s My B*tch”) to RiRi, referring to her as “my beautiful wife in the motherf**king building! I love her.”

Neither Rocky nor Rihanna have ever confirmed that they’re married, but they’ve previously sparked the rumor. At the end of Rocky’s 2022 “DMB” video, he wears grills that say “Marry Me?” Rihanna’s grills, meanwhile, read, “I do.”

Earlier this year, there were reports that Rihanna was planning a beach wedding, potentially to coincide with her February 20, although that rumor was never confirmed. Then, at this year’s Met Gala, the two again fueled marriage rumors when Rihanna wore a wedding dress-like look.

Whatever the case may be, the two appear to have a happy family together: They have kid, RZA, and another on the way. Rihanna also commented on Rocky’s Fathers Day post from last weekend, “The Mayers boys stole my whole heart! Happy Father’s Day nerd.”