Ashanti Responds To Irv Gotti On Diddy Remix ‘Gotta Move On’

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A couple of months back Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti disclosed his affair in a relationship with ex-wife Murder Inc. recording artist Ashanti in order to advertise the Murder Inc documentary on BET. He talked about how his relationship with her transformed into a sexual one. He recalled watching her in sweatpants, leaning over to kiss her. Social media was in turmoil with people accusing Irv of sexing his singer while married. People wondered why he’d continue to talk about his previous relationships with singer, when they had both left some time in the past. He refused to hand the publishing rights back, saying that it was akin to taking food from the mouths of his kids.

After numerous interviews with Irv and speculation from followers, Ashanti is finally responding to her ex.

Ashanti’s remix to Diddy’s ‘Gotta Move On’ started to circulate online , sparking speculation that Ashanti was discussing Irv with the lyrics “It’s giving addicted, it’s giving you anxiety, it’s making you pressure, it’s making you the most important thing.” …”

Listen below…



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The Source Ashanti Responds To Irv Gotti On Diddy Remix ‘Gotta Move On’ Top HipHop

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