In 2023, while the world celebrates the 50th year of hip-hop, Atlantic Records marks its 75th anniversary. The record label, which has played a significant role in popularizing hip-hop globally, announced its celebration plans. These include a year-long release of vinyl reissues of classic and contemporary albums that have defined its 75-year journey.

The celebration campaign will commence in October and will feature 90 albums from artists such as Aretha Franklin, Bad Company, Booker T & The MGs, Bruno Mars, Cardi B, Christina Perri, Coldplay, Foreigner, Gucci Mane, Jack Harlow, Janelle Monáe, John Coltrane, Kehlani, Led Zeppelin, Lupe Fiasco, Matchbox Twenty, Otis Redding, Phil Collins, Ray Charles, Velvet Underground, Willie Nelson, and more. Some of these will be special pressings while others will be first-time vinyl releases. The celebration will also include exclusive limited-edition merchandise and partnerships with Vinyl Me, Please and Acoustic Sounds.

Atlantic Records chairman/CEO Craig Kallman has been curating this collection for years. He explained the meticulous process involved in selecting the records for the collection. The focus was on including records that were culturally significant, groundbreaking for the company, and had achieved major sales success. These records define the label and the company’s culture.

Kallman joined Atlantic in 1991 when his dance label, Big Beat Records, was acquired by Atlantic. He initially planned to limit the collection to 75 titles but found it impossible to do so, resulting in the planned release of 90 albums. The list of included albums suggests that this endeavor will be worthwhile and fans eagerly await the year ahead.

It’s worth noting that both Atlantic Records and Uproxx are independent subsidiaries of Warner Music Group.