She’s at it again. Azealia Banks, who never passes up a chance to share her opinion whether anyone asked or not, has thoughts on Doja Cat‘s new single, “Attention” — naturally. Banks posted her feelings on her Instagram Story, positing that Doja “sounds like a white girl that grew up in a house,” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

The ever-opinionated Harlem rapper went on to demean California rap as a whole (“California rap culture is simply not as dynamic/impactful/swagged out as east coast/southern rap culture” — lol, girl, shut the hell up) before name-checking both her fellow early teens blog rap draft bust Angel Haze (sorry) and another genre-bending artist, FKA Twigs, who Banks derided with snipes at her biracial heritage.

She also felt the need to diss Kendrick Lamar, for some reason, calling him “overrated” and saying “he be making the kind of rap music that allows white people to indulge in weird fetishization of ‘the black struggle.’”


Look, she has legitimate reasons to be angry. After all, she started the rap weird girl wave in the 2012 with “212,” but she also hasn’t had a hit since — mostly due to her own outrageous behavior and lashing out at pretty much anyone she doesn’t like (which seems to be, at this point, everyone). Doja’s taken it much further without imploding, so of course Banks is mad at her. Ol’ “it should have been me” ass. Anyway, it’s pretty funny how suddenly she’s defending Nicki Minaj, someone else she once feuded with, because if anyone’s gonna move a goal post, it’s Azealia Banks. Anyway, here’s that “attention” you ordered.