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B. Simone has set the internet on the blazes.

On her podcast B. Simone admits that she doesn’t shower daily, but rather every few days. In the clip, she explains that if time is short she’d rather rest instead of showering. In addition, she says that if she is showering on Mondays, her next day she’d shower is on Wednesday or Thursday.

Naturally, the video of the podcast is a hit and social media has mixed opinions regarding Simone’s cleanliness. One user on Twitter wrote “so I was listening to the B. Simone podcast and she didn’t clean. Ion like that. Then she added, washing on Monday is probably not washing until Thursday. an example.” Yet ….” another way of saying, “B Simone has not any redeemable qualities and I’ve discovered this in the face of my own will …”

B. was astonished by the criticism by appearing to Instagram live as she was in the shower to show that she’s completely clean.

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