Baby Keem Follows In Tyler, The Creator’s Footsteps With Converse Endorsement Deal

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Baby Keem was born in the year 2007. He has taken a step his father Tyler, The Creator’s footsteps and has signed an endorsement deal that is lucrative with Converse.

The Grammy-award winning rapper has announced his partnership in the Nike Chuck Taylor All-Star shoe by showing a short video on Instagram which depicts him standing in front of a couple of scientists with the cassette tape in his hand that reads “LP #2,” presumably suggesting that his follow-up to his debut album 2021 Melodic Blue. Melodic Blue is being developed. On the other side the rapper is holding the Black Chuck Taylor shoe.

Keem is not a stranger to Chucks and could often be seen wearing Chucks during his live shows during the course of the year. The pgLang family of his also launched two-pronged Converse collection last summer.

The endorsement deal was signed following Tyler The Creator was signed to work with the company that makes sneakers in the year 2016. Back in June Tyler, The Creator’s CALL ME IF You Get Lost rapper revealed his latest shoe, the Golf Le Fleur x Converse GLF 2.0 priced at $110.

“There’s so many different types of people that wear this shoe and I just wanted to put them all in one place,” Tyler stated about the partnership in the year 2016. “Regardless of whether it’s logical or not, seeing them all under one roof was crucial.” .”

Tyler Tyler, Creator as well as Baby Keem came across each other when on vacation and the former was all day grilling the other to get his drink of selection.

“So is that in your room, bro? You’re drinking that, aren’t you? Bro, this is insane,” Tyler said, referring to what appeared to be something resembling a Coffee Mate creamer. “You weird n-gga, you weird n-gga, you weird n-gga. Bro bizarre and weird n-gga. “I’m moving to LA N-GGA, and I’m unable to catch an n-ga vibe because it’s strange and it’s n-gga. I’m moving to LA and I’m not able to catch an enthralling vibe that is n-gga.'”

While Keem has been a constant force in the studio and on tour for the album The Melodic Blue He’s also been collaborating more in the production aspect in the past year. The month of August saw Offset announced that Keem was the producer of his track “54321,” which will be featured on his upcoming solo album.

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