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Barack Obama is getting used to the idea of being an empty-nester.

On a tour to promote her publication, “The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times,” Michelle Obama opened herself about her family’s lives as well as watching her daughters Malia and Sasha become adults.

A former First Lady talks about her daughter’s relationship and how crucial it is to look into your options. “I believe it’s fantastic. I want them to understand the things they’d like and what they’re in a relationship with. It’s not easy to test the wrong individuals.”

Michelle is also claiming that her husband, Barack, is a-okay with his daughters’ relationships. Michelle says that he’s “good with it.” She elaborates, “look, they are both 21 and 24. They were both in high school. They attended prom. They’ve been through the life. He’s also learned to be a responsible Black father and not be a maniac.”

She continues to say, “they’re doing great. They’re proud of themselves. They have survived for eight years growing as teenagers in some of the toughest shining lights there is. They’re normal, decent, and decent young women trying to make an impact in the world. They are among the most wonderful of acquaintances. I couldn’t have asked for better.”