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Rap fans were impressed — and confused — when by Barbra Streisand‘s hip-hop knowledge when the 81-year-old quoted New York rapper Memphis Bleek on Twitter.

Streisand, who has long had a reputation for political activism, tweeted a dire warning about a future Donald Trump presidential candidacy. “Trump is going to be indicted for stealing classified documents,” she wrote. “He is going crazy with his tweets urging his cult to ‘FIGHT.’ We remember what happened on January 6th. ‘The strong are quiet, the weak start riots.’ – Rapper Memphis Bleek.” (The lyrics in question are from a song on the Jay-Z-led compilation album The Dynasty, “1-900-HUSTLER,” which features Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek, and Freeway.)

Although largely recognized within the culture as being Jay-Z’s protege throughout the late ’90s and early 2000s, Bleek did have an expansive solo career that saw him release minor hits like “Is That Yo Chick” and “Like That.” However, he was never much of a fixture on mainstream charts, leaving fans nonplussed that Streisand would quote him, of all people.

The idea that Streisand would be a huge Memphis Bleek fan turned out to be a source of amusement, though — much like a similar incident with actress Sharon Stone donning a movie prop that got her tagged a fan of underground rapper MF DOOM.

Check out some of the more amused reactions below.

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