Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour dancers Les Twins went above and beyond during her stop in Hamburg, Germany, saving her from an apparent wardrobe malfunction, according to Complex. It turns out they aren’t just there to make her look good, they’re also there to keep her from looking bad. Fans caught the incident on TikTok, capturing the moment as Beyoncé came close to bursting out of her dress and one of the twins stepped in front of her to make a split-second adjustment — all on beat in a move that would have left many fans none the wiser.

Fans on Twitter praised the dancers for being so aware in the moment and for pulling off the adjustment so smoothly. “Les twins will forever have a job,” one fan wrote. Another said they were “undoubtedly the greatest in the whole world.”

Another dancer who recently joined the ranks of Beyoncé’s team was the superstar’s own daughter, Blue Ivy. Blue stole the show during her first appearance and has become something of a fixture on the tour ever since. Beyoncé praised Blue Ivy for the performance, writing, “I’m so proud and thankful to be your mama. You bring us so much joy, my sweet angel.”