Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour has been eventful, to say the least. Fans were arrested, Blue Ivy stole the show, and Lizzo got her entire life, all while Bey narrowly avoided wardrobe malfunctions and raised inflation rates in Sweden. US fans who weren’t able to travel to Europe for the first part of the tour have been anxiously awaiting Beyoncé’s return to the States, but in the meantime, she’s got something to hold them over: An exclusive, limited-edition merch drop with Amazon Music.

The collection — or at least, the first part of it, judging from that “1.0” in the tweet above — includes a sweatshirt, pants, and two t-shirts emblazoned with the now iconic image of Beyoncé astride a glistening horse from the cover of the album. The sweatpants simply feature the name of the tour down the side, but they sure do look cozy (they might just get more utility as workout gear than the last Ivy Park drop). I fully expect to see this drop sell out sooner rather than later, so get it while the gettin’ is good. Both t-shirts are $40, the sweatshirt is $80, and the pants are $75, so now may be the time to factor those prices into your budget for the tour.