Birthdays are significant occasions for everyone, but when you’re an international superstar like Beyoncé, the celebrations are on a whole new level. Tonight, on September 4, Beyoncé will be celebrating her birthday on stage during the final night of her Renaissance World Tour in Inglewood. However, the globally acclaimed artist has more in store for her fans. She has released a new high-energy dance track titled “Nine Four Eight One,” named after her birth year, for those who can’t attend the concert.

The song was shared on her official Instagram page and features Kevin JZ Prodigy, TS Madison, and Kevin Aviance, all of whom are notable figures and advocates in the LGBTQ community.

The track is a club-ready record that combines ballroom emceeing with vibrant EDM production. The opening verse of the song is a heartfelt tribute to Beyoncé and her mother, Tina Knowles. TS Madison, who also features on the track “Cozy,” adds her unique flair with lines referencing Beyoncé’s 2013 interlude “Yoncé.”

In addition to the new track, Beyoncé made a last-minute special wardrobe request for those attending her birthday show. You can listen to the new track above.