Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour is still going strong. It was reported last month that the “Break My Soul” performer contributed to country-wide inflation in Sweden with her concert stop, with data showing a 0.3-percent rise from April to May sparked by “a broad set of goods and services, for instance, hotel and restaurant visits” and “recreational services.”

Something similar is taking place in Chicago after Beyoncé performed there on July 22 and 23 at Soldier Field. A news anchor discussed it on Fox 32 Chicago, saying, “It isn’t just fans basking in the glow of Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour, Yelp Data shows hotels, restaurants, shops, beauty salons all saw a huge spike as well, especially Black-owned businesses.” Statistics were displayed, showing Beyoncé search trends in the Illinois city. Hotels and travel are up 20%, shopping is up 17%, restaurants is up 14%, and beauty services is up 5%.

More statistics show that cosmetics and beauty stores are up 7%, eyebrow services are up 9%, nail salons are up 2%, shoe stores are up 9%, and men’s hair salons are up 4%. For Black-owned businesses, beauty and spas are up 12%, hotels and travel are up 31%, women searches for hotel and travel are up 44%, LGBTQ+ searches for nightlife are up 2%, and restaurants are up 2%.