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Earlier this week, rapper Big Sean made a rare appearance on Twitter. Though he’s dialed back his social media presence in recent years, he took to the social media channel on Thursday (May 18) to share a special message, timely for Mental Health Awareness Month.

“To everybody stressed the f*ck out or overwhelmed cause y’all busy… just remember, It’s much more stressful when things ARENT happening versus stress bc they are,” he said. He continued, seemingly hinting that he was hard at work on new music. “Ok, back to work… but take care of you too.”

Though it’s not clear that he specifically shared this sentiment in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, he and his longtime girlfriend Jhené Aiko are both advocates of mental health.

While Sean is of the mentality that keeping busy is indicative of having a lot going for oneself, he’s also a proponent of maintaining balance.

A month prior to the aforementioned tweet, he reminded his fans, “No matter how busy you are, you gotta live your life.”

It’s been almost three years since Sean released a proper album, however, he’s recently been keeping fans satisfied with guest appearances. He is featured on Kaytranada and Aminé’s song, “Master P,” from their collaborative album Kaytraminé. He also collaborated with Larry June & The Alchemist on a song called “Palisades, CA.”

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Uproxx Big Sean Shared A Message To Fans Who Are ‘Stressed The F*ck Out’ In Time For Mental Health Awareness Month Top HipHop