Biggs Burke Thinks Kanye Is Wrong For His ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirts

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Kareem “Biggs” Burke is the latest of the long list of Hip Hop elites who are being forced to either defend or denounce the opinions ofKanye West at least every week.

Recently, Biggs Burke spoke to the media outlet TMZ to give his opinion on Kanye West’s latest effort in free-thinking, the “White Lives Matter” T-shirts that he had people wearing during Fashion Week. Biggs was the founder of Roc-A-Fella Records along with JAY-Z and Damon Dash, the first label to sign Kanye West.

“I condemn the shirt,” Burke stated to TMZ. “That came out of something other than the shirt itself. Obviously, All Lives Matter. I believe that’s the thing we should be focusing on and not worry about the fact that a member of Black Lives Matter may have made a profit and the movement could be taking a turn in some other direction.

“We must be focused on the lives lost, and those who were hurt , and the injustices that have been committed. In all honesty the t-shirt did hurt as did all the injustices that have been committed.

“You know I love Kanye and that’s also my brother. I’ve always supported him. But I’m not sure that regardless of whether his mindset to be it was that Black Lives Matter was something that was not handled properly and the source, how it originated, was and the people who influenced it, was George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. The problem is we have people who were murdered, police brutality, and the like.”

Biggs Burke, the manager of Grammy Award winner Saint Jhn and also has a few words to comment on their label, HitCo which is selling their masters. In an interview, Burke accuses L.A. Reid and Charles Goldstruck of a bad business deal because they did not inform Burke or Saint of what they knew was happening before it became too late.

“We have been signed with HitCo, Saint was working on his final album. We didn’t even know that the company was preparing to market their masters before it became too late. We had heard about it, but the news was denied,” he explained in an interview.

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“When we learned that it was actually being sold we attempted to intervene and say , if you will sell, we’d have hoped that you had come to us.’ Charles, the one who is the one in charge of this venture. Him as well as L.A. are partners. However, they later said that it could be too for them to be together.”

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