Blueface, Chrisean Rock Announce New Reality Crazy in Love

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It appears that Blueface Chrisean Rock’s turbulent relationship has been documented on camera for a brand new reality show named Crazy in Love.

In the evening of Sunday (Oct. 9, 2018)) The Zeus network released its Instagram trailer for the forthcoming program, certain to be packed with various dramas. The trailer was scored by the Howling Snake Slayer’s “I Was Born to Haunt You,” and begins by showing the duo of Blueface as well as Chrisean Rock hugging and caressing one another under dim lighting. After a heart-pounding sound effect then the camera goes black and the clips switch to actual scenes from their relationship, including scenes of tears, toe-sucking and fights over the music of Chrisean’s single “Vibe. ” This show has been said to be “coming shortly.”

“NEW SHOW ALERT!!! !,” the trailer’s caption reads. “It’s A love only they can explain!! Get ready @chriseanrockbabyy and @bluefasebabyy are taking us on their crazy journey to LOVE!! Stay tuned #ChriseanAndBluefaceCrazyinLove is COMING SOON TO ZEUS!!!!! Who’s ready?! Post your comments in the comments. Link in bio to join today and stay tuned to the show! ONLY ON Zeus!!”

“It’s US against the World!!” Chrisean Rock uploaded the clip to her Instagram account. “Get ready to see @bluefasebabyy and me #CRAZYINLOVE on your TV screens!!”

Blueface also posted the video on his Instagram page and captioned the video “‘Til death do us part’ It’s me and you @chriseanrockbabyy #CrazyInLove and coming to your TV screens!!”

If cameras have been watching the couple for the past three months or so, they’ve recorded some disturbing footage as Blueface and Chrisean’s toxic relationship has been portrayed in the media and via social media. In April, Rock stated that she had fought Blueface’s mother as well as Blueface’s sister. A few months later, the two were photographed fighting on the Hollywood, Calif. sidewalk. A few days later, Rock was reportedly arrested after footage surfaced of her beating Blueface in a bar in Arizona. In the month of March, Blueface got into an argument with Chrisean Rock’s father that was recorded in the video below.

In the past, Rock shared a video of sex along with Blueface on Instagram after she claimed to be single.

Check out the Trailer for Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s New Reality Show Crazy in Love Below

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