Blueface & Chrisean Rock Get ‘Crazy In Love’ Show On Zeus Network

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Blueface as well as Chrisean Rock’s conflicting relationship has been made into a reality television show.

Just a few days after Chrisean declared himself to be single after he spotted Blueface sleeping with a different woman, the Zeus Network has announced the couple will feature as the subjects of a brand new reality TV show named Crazy In Love.

“NEW SHOW ALERT!!!! It’s a love that only they’ll explain! !” the network wrote in an Instagram post. Instagram. “Get ready. Bluefasebabyy and @chriseanrockbabyyy will us on a wild journey to love! Stay tuned #ChriseanAndBluefaceCrazyInLove is COMING SOON TO ZEUS!!!! !”

The caption was published alongside a teaser trailer to the show’s debut which includes images of scenes featuring paparazzi, toe-sucking, as well as Chrisean crying.

The two’s relationship has been featured in numerous news reports in the past couple of months, however Rock made a post on Twitter earlyin October to inform her followers that the relationship is gone now due to her relationship with the “Thotiana” rapper’s infidelity.

“Y’all are able to get Chrisean Rock. Chrisean Rock is single. Chrisean you’re adequate,” she wrote on Twitter.

Blueface has responded by tweeting a message of his own and wrote: “I ain’t never been single I always kept a couple.”

Chrisean’s remark came to light following Blueface was seen in a video of a woman who was lying on her bed, playing with her tongues. Chrisean then posted on Instagram Live to claim she confronted Blueface, and claimed that she “almost went to jail” due to the argument which ensued. She also claimed she was holding his phone that proved his infidelity.

“I broke everything in my hotel room, in front of everybody,” she is heard to be telling the crowd. “I broke the television and the window. He was required to get from the hotel to another one.”

The woman who was in the picture was also on IG Live to share her part of the account, saying she simply DMed Blueface and she immediately arranged for an exchange.

“I just DMed him one time and was like, ‘I’m trying to be on Blue Girls Club,'” she explained in reference to Blueface’s reality television show. “That did it. This is how it happened. It was just like that.”

Blueface and Chrisean rock’s relationship was pretty sour in the last few months. The duo signed their marriage officially on August 10 despite being seen on numerous occasions in the past couple of months, however these public interactions haven’t been very pleasant.

On the 1st of August, the couple had an altercation as they walked along the Hollywood street. It was recorded on video. The reports of violence were reported throughout their time together, including a fight which was so violent that it led to a damaged bathroom door, and a piece of hair being removed from Chrisean’s head.

People on Twitter to voice their concerns about Chrisean’s security, and she said those worried need to calm down, as her hair will be able to grow back.

“Tht bald spot ain’t shit fr nobody hurt about a patch of hair,” she wrote. “It’ll get back…Blueface is the greatest person on earth. I don’t really trust anyone other than Blueface.”

A fan wrote in to suggest it was suggested that”vibe “vibe” rapper should get out of the situation while she “still has hair.” “Nobody would ever want to leave someone, but if you’re going to sacrifice your life for him? He’s not gonna be sacrificed to save you,” the fan wrote.

“Girl stop believing the internet” Rock responded. “N yes I’ll die for him shit ain’t even like what y’all think.”

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