Bonnaroo is apparently getting extra wild this year after reports have been made about iPhone users accidentally calling the authorities.

One of Apple’s latest features is for crash detection and automatic alerts for help when “extreme accelerations or decelerations” occur according to Stereogum.

These calls must have been wildly prevalent from cell phone and Apple Watch owners as the Manchester Police issued a statement on social media. “MPD has responded to multiple accidental 911 calls at Bonnaroo,” they wrote. “It’s likely that these calls are a result of ‘Crash Detection Mode,’ a new feature on Apple iPhones. Please be mindful and consider deactivating this feature on your phone until Bonnaroo concludes.”

Bonnaroo’s festival account took the advice one step further by telling concertgoers how to turn the feature off — considering most likely weren’t aware of it or that it automatically called the police. “Let’s work as a team to resolve this! You can take action by going Settings>Emergency SOS and deactivating the “crash” feature,” they tweeted.

Following the news, a few other music lovers on social media had some thoughts and reactions to all the crash detection that was going on there. (Too much moshing, it seems.)

View some of those reactions below.