Boosie Badazz: ‘No Rapper In History Raised More Street N-ggas Than Me’

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Boosie Bigazz has said “no rapper in history raised more street n-ggas than me” in a recent interview.

It is believed that the Baton Rouge, Louisiana native expressed his views while talking about the topic with VladTV following DJ Vlad suggested Kodak Black paying tribute to him in his song from 2021 “Too Boosie.”

“Ain’t nobody ever in rap history never raised more street n-ggas than me,” Boosie started. “I’m talking about the fact that the fact that no other rapper has ever produced more street n-ggas than me. I’ve been with rappers. Everyone says to rappers”N-gga, I love your music.’

“I had the pleasure of being around lots of rappers. They’re their have fans who say”I love you, I have a love for you, I love. There’s no way that any of them meet you and say ‘N-gga you’ve helped me grow up. There’s a distinction. It’s different from “I like your music, I like your music and I love your jewelry. But, ‘N-gga’ is not the same as I was raised by you. The father type. I really love you, type. It was like you were in my vicinity typing. You could see everything going on. ‘”

He also said: “Nobody has done that more than Boosie, and a n-gga can’t take that away.”

Boosie Badazz said he’s loved by all generations and is grateful when people give his achievements credit.

“I’m the real blueprint for this real n-gga shit,” said the rapper. “I do not like to boast on it, but I’m actually the only n-gga that is loved by all generations. The babies, the toddlers teens and the older folks as well as the old folks.

“When people present me with flowers, I am satisfied when a n-gga gift me flowers, because the n-ggas do not really offer me flowers. So, I’m happy that the n-gas gift me flowers. I am grateful to the gesture, and sincerely.”

Kodak Black expressed his love for Boosie Badazz in the track which was featured on the Prior to the Album mixtape.

I pistol-whipped a n-gga for forty minutes straight too Boosie / I sent a few hits on n-ggas, I bust’d a play too Boosie / I rocked a fade too Boosie / Sipped purple drink too Boosie / How they forget B.G., forget about me, forget about you Boosie,” Kodak sings on the track.

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In the introduction, Kodak said award shows should pay tribute to “the real ones,” by naming such names as Boosie Badazz B.G., Soulja Slim, Chief Keef, Juvenile, Plies, Turk and himself, before proceeding to honor other rappers with verses.

Check out “Too Boosie” below.

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