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Boosie BadAzz is convinced crack is healthier than Fentanyl.

On Thursday (March 9), VladTV dropped the newest segment of its latest interview with recurring interviewee Boosie BadAzz. During the clip, the Louisiana rapper reiterated a previous statement he made on social media urging people to use crack instead of Fentanyl.

“Crack, I’m promoting it. Fuck that,” Boosie confirmed. “Fentanyl killing all the junkies who been junkies. It’s killing all the junkies who been junkies forever. As soon as they hit it, they dead. Crackhead, the n****s shoot threes, them n****s shoot basketball. This n***a run 100 miles. This n***a can sing. This n***a fix ya car motor. Been doing this for 20 years. These muthaf****as still running ’round the neighborhood. When have you ever heard of a crackhead hitting a pipe and dying the first time? Never! This Fentanyl s**t different. I would much rather crack.”

Boosie is doubling down on comments he made at the top of the year following the death of Gangsta Boo who allegedly died from an accidental Fentanyl overdose.

“There’s too many people dying in 2022 of Fentanyl,” he said. “If you’re gonna be an addict, you might need to go back to crack. Crackheads live longer than anybody. You still see them around! That Fentanyl s**t is way stronger. If you can’t shake it, go back to crack. You’re gonna be funnier, you’re gonna live longer.”

Boosie has made a lucrative side hustle from giving his wild opinions during interviews. He recently revealed he makes upward of $40,000 per podcast episode.

See Boosie BadAzz Waxing Poetic About Crack Being Better Than Fentanyl Below

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