Boosie Badazz Urges Black People To Boycott Jeffrey Dahmer Series: ‘It’s Sick’

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Boosie Badazz is now part of the increasing number of internet bloggers who are speaking about Netflix’s limited series Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Stories.

The docu-drama aired at the online streaming service September 21 with a stellar cast, including Evan Peters as Dahmer; Molly Ringwald as his mother as well as Niecy Nash in the role of Glenda Cleveland the woman who made contacts with police ultimately resulted in Dahmer’s arrest.

The show was quickly received criticism as this version of Dahmer’s storythe third version of the story that has been fictionalized to be published since 2002 -is the first one to really dive into Cleveland’s personal story, making clear the role of racism in the system in covering up the crime of the serial killer.

Based on Buzzfeed that, despite breaking the record for the largest premiere of a series on Netflix with 196.2 million hours watched within its first week, a lot of viewers have been accused by of Monster for its romanticization of Dahmer’s tale. The outrage grew when Rita Isbel, the sister of one of his victims wrote a piece in In the Insider where she criticized the most recent portrayal of her brother’s killer.

Isbel stated that she was awed by the actress DaShawn Barney’s convincing rendition of the scenes during which she gave her victim impact statement during Dahmer’s 1992 sentencing was too much for her to endure.

“That’s why it felt like reliving it all over again,” she writes. “It made me feel all the emotion that I felt at the time. I wasn’t contacted at all regarding the show. I think Netflix ought to have asked us if they would be interested or what we thought about the idea of making it. They didn’t bother me with any questions. They did it as they were told.

“I could even understand it if they gave some of the money to the victims’ children,” Isbel adds. “Not specifically their children. I mean, I’m old. I’m extremely comfortable. However, the victims have grandchildren and children. If the show was beneficial to them in any way, it wouldn’t seem like a cruel and negligent act.”

Isbel’s article and her essay, as well as a Tweet of her close friend Eric Perry which also decried the show, only served to boost internet complaints regarding the series. On the 29th of September (September 29,), Boosie shared his thoughts on the series among his fans.


The tweet was liked more than three thousand times and retweeted nearly 1,000 times, suggesting that a large portion of his followers agreed with his statement. But some took advantage of this opportunity to bring the Louisiana rapper out for the hypocrisy they saw in his remarks.

“Unfortunately you don’t get too have opinions like this when you got music about killing just as many n-ggas as he actually killed,” wrote one user on Twitter. “Should we boycott your music or most of these other rappers as they are possibly influencing our youth into bad and sick behavior?,” another post said..

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Although he did not respond on any criticism, Boosie returned online a couple of hours later to discuss the absence of compensation for families of victims and to once more urge fans to stand up in opposition to the program.

“Us as Blacks, we need to ban this Jeffrey Dahmer movie,” Dahmer stated in a video. “This is a sick thing he has done on our people. We should block this film from Netflix. The families of the victims ought to be paid for every penny Netflix earn.”

Boosie isn’t shy about posting his views on the internet. This month, he made use of this platform in order to issue an admonition to peers Hip Hop artists in the following the murder the murder of the murder of PnB rock‘s murder.
“Every time you go to LA, KEEP YOUR GUNS AND Your FINGERS on the TRIGGER! !” Boosie tweeted on September 13. “BE READY TO SHOOT AT ALL TIMES!! KEEP YOUR HAND ON YOUR GLOCK (no safety) N SHOOT SOON AS YOU SEE HARM R ANYONE SUSPICIOUS!! They’ll steal and take your life if they can. LA MURDER TIP: to everyone who that lost their life in LA.”

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HipHopDX News Boosie Badazz Urges Black People To Boycott Jeffrey Dahmer Series: ‘It’s Sick’ Top HipHop

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