Boslen Reminisces About His Ex On ‘Gone’

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It can be difficult for lyrics to discern in the present However, there’s a greater feeling than knowing what your favorite artists would like to convey on their latest single. From unsavory songs to catchy hooks, sometimes the lyrics in the song will give listeners insights in the daily lives of the most popular music stars. In his song ” Levels” Vancouver’s Boslen sings about his feelings unfiltered about the music industry and in his song “Gone,” the singer is contemplating his lessons from his previous relationships.

With Uproxx’s Cherise Johnson, Boslen riffs on the track’s opening lines and acknowledges that his ex-girlfriend of six years was out with his closest friend. The incident, along with the peace and respect that he gained from his romantic low point , is the source of inspiration for the song “Gone” from his latest album GONZO. The 23-year-old rapper talks to Uproxx how he dealt with what he calls the “monster in the closet,” struggling with codependency and revealing his vulnerability after an unfulfilling relationship — all themes that are reflected in the soft rap-sung track. In addition to sharing intimate stories, Boslen tells us that the lead track from his new EP could be his most favorite track he’s ever made in all of his professional career.

Watch Boslen decipher “Gone” above.

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Uproxx Boslen Reminisces About His Ex On ‘Gone’ Top HipHop

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