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Busta Rhymes is giving flowers to a popular battle rapper.

Ultimate rap league had a battle At Irving Plaza on November 6 between Harlem’s Murda Mook and Geechi Gotti from the West Coast. 

Big New York energy was in the building. Remy Ma, who had the first-ever all-female battle with Chrome 23 over the summer, was there. Along with Remy’s husband, legendary emcee, Pappoose plus, Ghostface Killah, Fabolous, Maino, Smoke DZA, Don Q, and more. 

Iconic rapper, Busta, gave Geechi some words of encouragement after losing to Mook. The “Touch It” rapper said, “I’m not shaking your hand; you gone hug me.” Busta continued,

“I’m proud of you, you hear me. Amazing work tonight. He bust ya sh*t,” but you did an amazing job. Let me explain something, what I love so much about what you did.” 

Busta also gave Geechi props for holding his own while the NYC crowd got rowdy and cheered on Mook. Busta told Gotti, “The way you handled when they started to get a little tough, that was the flyest sh*t for me. Your sh*t talk, the way you shook it off.” Geechi replied,

“Appreciate it G. I told my n*ggas it was supposed to be that way. [Murda Mook] supposed to make it hard on me, feel me. When you come out there, that’s what it is, it’s a fight. You don’t want it easy. I go into a n*gga spot, don’t come in here showing me love and all that.” 

Busta let Gotti know he knew what he was talking about. Then Busta told Geechi, “Listen man, not one of you muthaf*ckas better let anything happen to him! ‘Cause we love him like that now. We got you, you one of us now. I’m a fan, but you made me a believer tonight.” 

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Check out clips and reactions from the battle:

It was beautiful the two battle rappers were able to show LOVE to each other after the event. This is how it SHOULD be.