Cardi B Co-Signs The New York Giants Celebrating To ‘Tomorrow 2’: ‘Love That For Them’

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GloRilla as well as Cardi B’s ” Tomorrow 2” remix is getting a lot of attention across the globe. This includes London and London, where it was the New York Giants beat their rivals the Green Bay Packers 27-22 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday morning (October 9) in spectacular fashion.

The Giants are among the teams that has been most unexpected in the 2022 NFL season. With a record of 4-1, New York has already reached its winning total from last season, and gives Big Blue plenty to celebrate. After a rout of in the Packers, Giants defensive end Jihad Ward went live on Instagram from the locker room. The event was an “Tomorrow 2” sing-and-dance party.

Ward and running back Saquon barkley rapped the lyrics of Cardi B in front of the camera “I can’t put you in my business, you might wish me dead tomorrow / B*tches be on d*ck today, sing every word of ‘Up’ tomorrow.”

The video made it to Twitter the platform, where Cardi signed her approval. “LMAAAAOOOOOOOOO …love that for them ….AHAAAAA,” the New York-bred Diamond-certified singer tweeted.

GloRilla originally came out with “Tomorrow” in July as part of CMG’s compilation, Gangsta Art. The Cardi-blended “Tomorrow 2” arrived with an uproar last month and it debuted at the number. 9, on the Billboard Hot 100 last week. This was GloRilla’s debut top 10 Hot 100 single, while it was Cardi’s 11th time in the Top 10.

Cardi B is an Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of the Warner Music Group.

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Uproxx Cardi B Co-Signs The New York Giants Celebrating To ‘Tomorrow 2’: ‘Love That For Them’ Top HipHop

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