Cardi B Explains Her Appearance Change, Says Her Body Is Swollen

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Cardi B has a different look and has been noticed by fans. It is reported that the Bronx rapper recently spoke about her different appearance and also revealed that her body was swelling because of water retention.

This past the 23rd of September (Sept. 23), Cardi B took to the platform of Instagram Stories and posted a video that explained the differences of her look. In the video the rapper’s mother of two admitted she suffers from water retention.

“Y’all know any water pills for me because as y’all can see ’cause a lot of y’all was like ‘what the fuck her face,'” she declared on the clip. ” I’m keeping water throughout my body. This is why my cheeks, my lips and thighs, as well as my feet that are fucking swollen. All of it is because my thighs are so fucking swelling.”

This isn’t the only time that the “Tomorrow 2” singer has had to contend with swelling of body parts. In June of this year, Bardi revealed her feet were swelling after undergoing liposuction to her stomach. Bardi had to cancel a number of performances after she noticed complications from the procedure and was able to suffer a lot of cash during the process.

In the same year, Cardi B vowed to never undergo plastic surgery again. “I been working out for the past 2 weeks cause bitch I ain’t getting surgery again,” she tweeted, accompanied by emojis of laughter “but let me tell you I haven’t got a headache ever since.”

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