In the modern music industry, it’s uncommon for a hit song to be written by a single person. For instance, in 2022, “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals was the first No. 1 song to be solely written and produced by one individual since Pharrell’s “Happy” in 2014. Despite this, some artists still face criticism for not writing their own music entirely. Cardi B recently addressed such criticism in an Instagram comment.

The conversation began with an Instagram post by The Neighborhood Talk, which included a video of Cardi B stating that hip-hop originated in the Bronx. In the comments section, a user seemingly questioned Cardi’s ability to write her own rap lyrics. In response, Cardi stated, “I started music before LHH [Love And Hip Hop] and wrote about MY struggles and life as a dancer go listen to them mixtapes also I went to school for musical theatre and technology. Just because somebody might help me with a hook means nothing. Look at all ya fav artists credits they all do receive some type of help.”

In related news, Cardi B recently shared her future plans, stating, “I will tour as soon as I finish my album,” and added, “The album will be done this year. And it will be put out next year.”

Note: Cardi B is signed to Warner Music. Uproxx operates independently but is a subsidiary of Warner Music Group.