In January, Cardi B hinted at her first album in five years, following her last full-length release, 2018’s Invasion Of Privacy. Fans have been eagerly awaiting new music from the artist, and she has recently provided an update on the project.

“I’m not going to release any more collaborations, I’m going to publish my next solo single,” she revealed in an interview with Vogue Mexico. “Now I’m working on the cover and ideas for the next album because it’s definitely coming. Everyone always tells me that I should release the album now, they did it when I launched ‘WAP’ and ‘Up,’ but I always let them know that I’m not going to wait long to release it after all these singles. So stay tuned because it’s going to come out very soon.”

Cardi B also shared that her next release will be a solo single, followed by her album. She reiterated that she won’t be waiting long to release the album after these singles, and encouraged fans to stay tuned as it’s coming out very soon.

In addition to her music, Cardi B has plans in the world of cinema and is keen to explore opportunities in fashion and branding. “I want to do it all, honey,” she declared.

In a related video, Cardi B revealed what’s inside her bag. The video is primarily in Spanish, but English subtitles can be enabled in the YouTube settings.