Cardi B Teased Her Unofficial Remix Of Ice Spice’s Viral Hit ‘Munch,’ But It Doesn’t Look Like She’s Releasing It

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Cardi B is barely a week away from the release of her “Tomorrow 2” remix with GloRilla which debuted at the number. 9, on the Billboard Hot 100, and she’s present to give Ice Spice’s TikTok sensation “Munch (Feelin’ U)” the kind of boost that only she could.

Cardi posted the platform of Instagram the day before Saturday (October 9) to upload a hot video that was accompanied by her “Munch” verse. The Diamond-certified rapper was seen strutting through the streets in a slender black dress and struck a number of graceful poses. “He wants to see what it is like a gender reveal,” Cardi declares in the song’s verse the second verse. “P*ssing on b*tches is really a skill / B*tches dead to me, damn it, dead to me still.”

The song caused fans to be in a state of hope that a remix was coming soon. Cardi quickly clarified any confusion. “I’m not putting that song out by the way,” she tweeted. “You know I don’t tease.” When one fan inquired why she didn’t, Cardi responded, “I like it don’t love it … just having fun.”

Cardi has been a supporter of Ice Spice since “Munch” was first released. Ice Spice attended Cardi and Offset’s “Fashion Night Out” in New York last month.

“Munch” has generated nearly 15 million Spotify streams since its release in August and the official music video, which was uploaded by WorldStarHipHop has surpassed 12.8 million views.

Watch the Ice Spice original video below.

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Uproxx Cardi B Teased Her Unofficial Remix Of Ice Spice’s Viral Hit ‘Munch,’ But It Doesn’t Look Like She’s Releasing It Top HipHop

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