The disturbing trend of assaulting musicians at their concerts might have just come to an end, and it’s all thanks to Cardi B. Over the past few months, several entertainers have had objects hurled at them in the middle of their sets, including Lil Nas X, Drake, and Bebe Rexha. While singer Adele gave fans a stern warning if they dared to attempt such a thing, rapper Cardi B took it a step further.

While performing in the Las Vegas heat, a fan in the crowd tried to douse Cardi B with a drink. It was probably meant as a joke. Cardi B didn’t find it funny. Soon after the liquid from the fan’s styrofoam cup made contact with Cardi B’s skin, the rapper leaped into action by throwing her mic in retaliation.

After one clip of the incident went viral, people on social media were upset that the concertgoer who threw the drink was not hit directly with the microphone. However, from another angle, it seems that the person was hit, thanks to Cardi B’s precise aim.

Cardi B spoke her piece with the fan as they were escorted out by security, after which she went back to her set.

Later, Cardi took to Instagram to issue a simple response. “Jealous ass b*tch,” she wrote, while continuing to promote her new single, “Jealousy,” made with her husband and fellow rapper Offset.

People on social media praised Cardi for standing up for recording artists that have been grazed by objects in the past few weeks. “Even Adele said you throwing stuff at her, she would be throwing hands,” wrote one fan. “Why are people thinking this is an acceptable thing to do. I don’t condone violence but come on now some people gonna react like Miss Cardi, don’t be shook when you acted first.”

Another wrote, “She did what exactly needed to be done. now we can finally stop the trend of throwing objects at celebrities on stage.”

“People need to seriously stop throwing stuff on stage… like I thought people would’ve learned that by now,” penned another.

One person complimented Cardi B form, writing, “Watch the switch to the left hand. Watch the aim and precision. Watch a random woman point down to single out who threw the drink in case it wasn’t clear. This is art. 😍

“If Cardi wasn’t famous, baseball would’ve been her thing,” declared another.

Las Vegas hasn’t been too kind to Cardi B. Prior to her performance, the musician’s husband, Cardi B, allegedly launched a microphone at her on-stage DJ while performing in Las Vegas. The reason behind this incident has not yet been revealed.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.